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Forever Sticky Complete 4-Piece Roller Set

Forever Sticky Complete 4-Piece Roller Set

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Make your home cleaning solutions complete with all Forever Sticky has to offer in every size!
Complete 4-Piece Roller Set - the ultimate solution for all your lint and dust removal needs. With superior stickiness that lasts forever, this set guarantees to pick up more than just lint. Picks up powder, dirt, dust, sand, litter, glitter, broken glass and splinters! - the list goes on. Roll yourself!, your bed sheets, window screens for dirt, dust, and pollen, air purifier filters, and more. 
Say goodbye to constantly replacing your lint roller, and hello to effortless cleaning.

When it’s full, rinse with warm to hot water (+ Dawn dish soap if you have animals). Air dry, or dry using an old dish towel for immediate use.

This set comes with
- 2 travel sizes,
- 1 handheld medium, and
- 1 House + Floor Model. 

Available in green/grey, and blue/white. 

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