• How do you use/wash it? 
    - Use Forever Sticky rollers dry. Once full, just rinse with warm to hot water and/or Dawn dish soap. Cold water will work, and without dish soap as well, but like anything you wash, warm-hot works best. We recommend the addition of Dawn dish soap as it is a well-known degreaser, and works quite well at keeping your rollers sticky - especially if you have animals.
    One drop of soap directly on the roller and a quick massage/rinse is fine for a small job, for larger jobs such as detailing a vehicle, use a bucket and increase amount of soap to 3 “squiggles”. Lay an old towel down so you can continually “Roll, Rinse, Dry”.
  • - Wash your Forever Broom the same as above.

  • How do I dry the Forever Sticky Rollers?
    - Air dry, or for immediate use, you can dry on an old dish towel - we use basic, Walmart-branded ones.
    For bigger jobs, such as detailing a vehicle or a room, we recommend using the aforementioned method of a bucket of warm water + dish soap, and to lay an old towel down so you can “Roll, Rinse, Dry”, and repeat!

  • Does it have to be Dawn-branded dish soap?
    - No, just make sure you’re not using anything that is oil-based or “moisturizing”.
    We recommend Dawn dish soap because it is a well-known, easily recognized degreasing agent. 

  • The broom isn’t working for me! This thing sucks! 😠
    - .. it is a pull broom. Please pull the broom towards you
    You only go back and forth when using it with a wet solution as a wet scrubber.
  • The connecting piece of the handle of the broom has cracked. Is this covered under warranty? I’d like a replacement. 
    - Sorry to hear the connecting piece has cracked! While we demonstrate and advise how to prevent this at our in-person demos at shows across the country, we understand that these things may still happen. 
    The Forever Broom head is what is specifically covered under warranty.
    Why? It is actually not cost efficient for any parties involved (you nor us) to pay for the cost of shipping a replacement handle, due to its awkward size/length. 
    The Forever Broom handle can be replaced (or upgraded!) by any standard size handle that you may already have lying around, or can be purchased from any hardware store. 

    Any other questions, comments, concerns, etc?
    Please feel free to reach out using our contact form!