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Forever Broom 5-in-1 All Purpose Broom

Forever Broom 5-in-1 All Purpose Broom

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Introducing Forever Broom - the last broom you'll ever buy!

You've seen other "rubber brooms". While not necessarily inaccurate, that's certainly not an ACCURATE description of ours, either. 
The Forever Broom is not just a rubber broom. It's actually moreso a silicon broom. 
Why do we insist on the distinction? 
Because RUBBER BANDS dry out and crack - our mostly silicon based broom head WILL NOT. 

Our rubber+silicon Forever Broom head is non-damaging to all surfaces.
It comes with an adjustable 5-foot telescopic handle, and, ANY STANDARD HANDLE FITS! - including those super long painter's ones - so you can do ALL THE THINGS with just our ONE product.
Our brooms have an electro-static charge, meaning you'll never have to worry about your mess flying in the air, eyes, or throat, nor getting lodged in the bristles of the broom - unsanitary, and causing you to have to play surgery to remove it. 
Save time and effort with the Forever Broom that comes with a Forever Guarantee (applies to broom head only), no registration required. 

Use your Forever Broom ENDLESS ways. Here are our top 5!
1 - PULL towards you as a broom
2 - back and forth with a wet solution to use as a wet scrubber. Wash your deck, patio, WINDOWS!, lanai, solar panels, RV!, jacuzzi liner, shower, grout, CONCRETE.. you name it! When you're done, flip it over! 
3 -  .. SQUEEGEE on the back. 
4 - CARPET RAKE! Short, vertical strokes towards you to fluff up the nap of the carpet, rejuvenating it while bringing up your nasties in a pile. 
(Combine the Forever Broom with the Forever Sticky House + Floor Model, and you'll never pull out a dustpan or vacuum again!)
5 - Use the non-damaging broom head to remove snow and ice off of your vehicles, travel trailers, and more!

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